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Gift idea: Cake stand 

Makes a good gift for: The baker in your life (or the host or hostess in your life who might want to dress up a store-bought cake!)

I love housewares. I also love cake stands (oh, and I love to bake). Anyway, cake stands seem to be somewhat popular these days – I see them in antique stores and in boutiques, and in lots of home stores. A cake stand would make a great gift for the baker or hostess in your life, and if you are looking to make the stand extra special, you could always present it with a cake already on it! For my birthday this past September, my soon to be mother-in-law baked me a delicious German chocolate cake, and found a box big enough to put the cake on a cake stand, and presented me with a delicious and functional gift!

So, here are a couple cute cake stands in a range of prices:

This is the one I got for my birthday:

Lenox Butterfly Meadow Pedestal Cakestand - $49.95

A clear-glass cake stand is very classic, it can be part of an everyday kitchen, and also part of an elaborate holiday spread: 

This white enamel cake stand is very simple and elegant, and just a bit retro: 

This stoneware cake stand is nice to look at, and would be at home in most kitchens: 

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