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Where to shop for Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts

I keep an eye out year-round for Twelve Days gifts. Some people are easier to shop for than others, but once you get in to the groove there are lots of places to shop, both on-line and in person where you can find things that will fit in Twelve Days boxes. Don’t forget that there are lots of things you can make yourself that will fit in a Twelve Days box! 

When shopping in a store for Twelve Days gifts, it can be handy to either have a Twelve Days Box with you, to make sure things will fit, or to bring the size-guide card that is included in the Gift-Giver's Guide.

Brick and mortar stores:

The best way to find Twelve Days gifts is in person, because then you can look at the item and decide if it will fit in a box.

Chain stores: 

Sephora – makeup, perfume, small beauty tools

Walgreens/Rite Aid/ Target – makeup, perfume, hair accessories, small toys, candy

REI/outdoor store – small flashlights, key chains, gear-ties, utility-knives

Sur La Table/Williams Sonoma – candles, small sets of spices, salts and peppers, wine stoppers and wine-gadgets

Fry’s Electronics/Best Buy – good for small gadgets, phone accessories, ear-buds

Museum shops - most museums will let you in to the gift shop for free, and we always have good luck finding fun puzzles and other unique gifts at museum shops

Cost Plus – great for unique candy, small toys and homewares/kitchen stuff 

Boutiques/local stores: 

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area I know lots of little boutiques and shops to stop in and browse at to find Twelve Days gifts. But most towns will have fun little boutiques, toy stores and candy stores where many a Twelve Days box can be filled.


Etsy! I love Etsy! You can seriously find anything and everything on this site. And browsing can be a little dangerous to the pocket book. Anything from vintage toys and housewares, jewelry, bath and beauty products and small pieces of art can be found on Etsy.

Amazon is obviously another place you can shop on-line for almost anything, but it’s a hard website to just browse, so amazon is probably a better bet if you have something specific in mind.

Sephora - makeup, perfume etc.

REI - small flashlights, key chains, gear-ties, utility-knives

Williams-Sonoma - candles, small sets of spices, salts and peppers, wine stoppers and wine-gadgets

Target - makeup, perfume, hair accessories, small toys, candy

Uncommon Goods - fun toys, keychains, candles

Kikkerland - cute, unique toys

Perpetual Kid - unique toys

Do it yourself:

Not everything that goes in a Twelve Days box has to cost money! We like to do little homemade gift cards or gift certificates for a special dinner or activity.

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