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35 Days Until Christmas - make any oven a pizza (or bread) oven!

5 More Weeks Until Christmas!

Gift idea: Pizza (or bread) stone 

Makes a good gift for: Anyone who loves to cook or who loves pizza, and for the bread baker on your list.

Having a ceramic pizza stone in your oven will really up your ability to make a delicious homemade pizza and/or some crusty bread. The nice thing about a pizza stone is that even if you don’t have two ovens, you can just leave it on the bottom rack in your oven year-round. They are easy to take care of and easy to use, and make a thoughtful gift.  

This pizza stone is a standard size that should fit in most ovens, and can be left in the oven during other types of cooking and baking.

This pizza stone is actually a set of four smaller stones, which would be easier to move and maneuver than one big one, especially for someone with limited mobility or a smaller than standard size oven.
Amazon.com - $32.46

You could even pair a pizza stone with a pizza cookbook, like one of these:

Amazon.com - $11.96

a pizza peel, like one of these:

Amazon.com - $15.99

Amazon.com - $21.06

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