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29 Days Until Christmas - put all those corks to good use!

Gift idea: Wine cork trivets 

Makes a good gift for: Wine-lovers, entertainers, crafters

I am pretty sure I am not the only wine drinker/crafter out there who can’t stand to throw away wine corks thinking “I will use these for something.” Earlier this year, I actually did use a bunch of saved wine corks to make a corkboard. But I still have more corks, and seem to be drinking the wine faster than I can craft with them. Even if you don’t save every cork, most people will set aside the corks from special bottles of wine as a keepsake. Well, why not put them to use? Here are a couple great sets where you can take corks you already have, and turn them into a trivet for hot pots!

Perpetual Kid -$14.49 

Bed Bath and Beyond -$17.99 

Red Envelope-$19.95 

Red Envelope -$49.95 

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