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47 Days Until Christmas - a classic tote for her

Gift idea: L.L. Bean Boat and Tote Bag 

Makes a good gift for: Her

My mom got me one of these Boat and Tote bags when I was in college, and I still use it all the time. These bags are well made and timelessly-stylish, which makes these bags appropriate for teens and women alike.

The classic Boat and Tote comes in lots of colors and four sizes:
L.L. Bean Boat and Tote Bag - $20.95 - $38.95

For something a little more personal, you can also have the bag customized with the recipients initials or monogram:
Custom Boat and Tote - $37.95 - $57.95

48 Days Until Christmas - one cute little purse

Gift idea: Coin-purse style purse 

Makes a good gift for: Mom, grandma, wife, girlfriend, teen, girl

Lately I have been sporting a smaller purse, in a never-ending effort to carry less stuff with me. My purse is not quite this small, but a very efficient woman (or girl who has not much to carry) could carry this purse as her everyday purse, and any woman could use it as a purse for going out on the town. This purse would also be cute for a teen or younger girl.

49 Days Until Christmas - take a look!

7 More Weeks!

Gift idea: Hand mirror

Makes a good gift for: mom, grandma, wife, girlfriend, teens, girls

From old-fashioned to modern, there is a hand mirror for every lady out there, and I think every lady should have a hand mirror. What a unique, feminine gift for a special lady or teen in your life. Here are some unique ones I have found:

This crystal mirror from Z Gallery is really modern yet still classic:

Z Gallery - $19.95

This faux-antique mermaid mirror available on Amazon is nautical yet feminine:

This butterfly mirror, also available on Amazon looks straight out of a fairy tale:
From Amazon.com - $24.45

And this laser cut mirror from Etsy is not only unique, but edgy and feminine at the same time:
Etsy - $30.00

50 Days Until Christmas - pack it up in a train case

Gift idea: Train case (makeup case) 

Makes a good gift for: Women and young women

I got a train case for Christmas when I was a teen, and I loved having a grown-up looking container to put all my makeup in. I think any teen or woman who has a collection of makeup would enjoy having either a vintage train case, or a more modern one to store their makeup in and/or to use when travelling. 

You could even put some eyeshadows, nail-polish, lipstick or lipgloss in Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Boxes to tie-in with this gift. 

Etsy has a great selection of vintage cases like this one: 

Or this one:

Other stores and websites sell more modern cases too: 

51 Days Until Christmas - keeping track of time

Gift idea: Ribbon Necklace Watch 

Makes a good gift for: Mom, grandma, young woman

I came across this watch on a ribbon, and I just thought it was really cute and different (but different in a good way). Wrist-watches can be a difficult gift to buy for someone, but I think this ribbon-watch would be a real crowd pleaser with mom, grandma, or a teenage girl. I think it would work in a casual or a professional setting. 

This gift would also fit in a Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Box:

This is also a friendly reminder to move your clocks back one hour - don't forget to fall back!

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