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21 Days Until Christmas - Techie Toys

Three More Weeks Until Christmas!

Gift idea: Techie toys 

Makes a good gift for: Techies, anyone 

Techies young and old will enjoy these fun tech toys. I don’t know anyone who has any of these fun toys, and at all around $20.00, you don’t have to break the bank to bring a little fun to someone this Christmas.

Have fun at work with a USB-controlled “Desk Pet” 

Think Geek - My USB Desk Pet - $24.99 

Make your paper airplanes propeller powered! 

Think Geek - Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit - $19.99 

Do a little infrared shredding with this fun little toy

Think Geek - Electric Air Guitar - $19.99

23 Days Until Christmas - A Festival of Lights - Flashlights that is!

Gift idea: Cool flashlights 

Makes a good gift for: Techies, men, teens, outdoorsy people 

My soon to be father-in-law LOVES flashlights. He is addicted to head-lamps and flashlight alike. I have found that the more flashlights around the house, the better. One under the kitchen sink. One by the front door, one in each car. So here are some solid flashlight options.

The classic: Mag-Lite

Mag-Lite - $28.20

Old-fashioned design with modern technology: 

Leather-Wrapped Flashlight from Red Envelope - $14.99

High-tech Gorilla Torch – these things are awesome. They are super-bright and can be attached to almost anything:
Joby Gorilla Torch - $29.95 - $59.95




34 Days Until Christmas - cuter cleaning!

Gift idea: Tea towels 

Makes a good gift for: Someone who likes to spend time in the kitchen, or just someone who likes to have a good-looking kitchen

In an effort to be better to mother-earth and use fewer disposable things, like paper towels, I have been using my kitchen towels a lot more frequently lately, and I feel like I am always running out of clean ones. A lot of mine are rather dingy looking, so I would love to have the older ones to do the work (like mopping up dog-drool and spilled sauce) and have some nice pretty ones to hang on the oven door. Etsy has tea towels in every color of the rainbow and every imaginable pattern, Target has some cute ones out now, and Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table always have a good selection too. I know Williams Sonoma sells aprons, hot-pads and towels in matching patterns, so you could always put together a little kitchen-gift set with matching, or complementary goodies.

Here are some that caught my eye: 

Target - set of three for $7.00

Williams-Sonoma set of four for $9.95

Williams-Sonoma - set of four for $19.95

Etsy - one yellow and one grey tea towel for $23.50

Etsy - set of three for $37.95

38 Days Until Christmas - measuring up.

Gift idea: Earthenware measuring cups and spoons 

Makes a good gift for: Anyone who likes to cook or bake, or who likes nice design

Williams Sonoma is carrying a new line of “Bistro Francais” styled kitchen tools, and the measuring cups, measuring spoons and set of prep bowls caught my eye. All of these tools are made of earthenware, but are microwave and dishwasher safe. I know I have metal measuring spoons and measuring cups – but I think these would be great for a high-use kitchen because a lot of the handles on my metal measuring cups are bent from use – and I don’t think that would happen with these. They look sturdy and are easy on the eyes too! I think all three would make a nice set. If you look on the Williams Sonoma website, there are a few other pieces that match, as well as a dinnerware set with the matching blue stripe.

Bistro Francais Measuring Cups
Williams-Sonoma- $24.95
Bistro Francais Measuring Spoons
Williams-Sonoma - $14.95
Bistro Francais Prep Bowls

Williams-Sonoma - $12.95 

39 Days Until Christmas - spice it up a bit!

Gift idea: Spice sets – magnetic and otherwise 

This week's gift theme: gifts for the cook or foodie in your life.

Makes a good gift for: The foodie or cook in your life

I have had a crush on these spice-sets on Etsy for a long time, but having quite the spice collection myself, I have always wanted to give one of these sets as a gift.

Gneiss Spice on Etsy sells spice-sets, salt-sets and empty sets of bottles so you can make your own. The lids of the bottles are magnetic so you can stick them on your fridge, or you can buy a wall-plate from her to mount your spices right on the wall. I just think they are so cute, and its is such a good gift idea for anyone who likes to cook, or maybe someone who just went away to college or just moved out on their own. The sets range in price based on the size of the set.

Also, if you got a set of twelve spices, you could put one spice in each Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Box!

Spice Sets:

Salt Sets:

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