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50 Days Until Christmas - pack it up in a train case

Gift idea: Train case (makeup case) 

Makes a good gift for: Women and young women

I got a train case for Christmas when I was a teen, and I loved having a grown-up looking container to put all my makeup in. I think any teen or woman who has a collection of makeup would enjoy having either a vintage train case, or a more modern one to store their makeup in and/or to use when travelling. 

You could even put some eyeshadows, nail-polish, lipstick or lipgloss in Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Boxes to tie-in with this gift. 

Etsy has a great selection of vintage cases like this one: 

Or this one:

Other stores and websites sell more modern cases too: 

51 Days Until Christmas - keeping track of time

Gift idea: Ribbon Necklace Watch 

Makes a good gift for: Mom, grandma, young woman

I came across this watch on a ribbon, and I just thought it was really cute and different (but different in a good way). Wrist-watches can be a difficult gift to buy for someone, but I think this ribbon-watch would be a real crowd pleaser with mom, grandma, or a teenage girl. I think it would work in a casual or a professional setting. 

This gift would also fit in a Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Box:

This is also a friendly reminder to move your clocks back one hour - don't forget to fall back!

52 Days Until Christmas - vases she will love

Gift idea: Flower vase

Makes a good gift for: Mom, sister, girlfriend, wife, flower-enthusiast or wannabe home decorator

I think most homes probably have a cupboard full of vases from flower deliveries somewhere – you know the kind: plain glass, usually pretty large and really not interesting to look at. So if you know someone who loves flowers, why not give the gift of a vase that is also an interesting piece of art – something that would look good with or without flowers in it?

For the gardener in your life, it would be cute to include some flower seeds with the vase so once spring comes the recipient can grow their own flowers for the vase! Seeds or seed-bombs will fit in a Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Box too! 

These two are fun trophy-shaped vases from Target: 
Target Trophy Vase - $14.99-$17.99 
If you are feeling crafty, you could emblazon them with some kind of award, like “Best Gardener” or “Best Mom.” I think they are also really nice just as they are. 

These Hive Vases from West Elm are very hubba-hubba in my opinion:
West Elm Hive Vases - $24.00-$34.00
They would look great with flowers in them, or branches, or just on their own on a mantle or shelf. 

These glass vases are also very attractive, and would look wonderful in a window, with or without flowers: 
West Elm Flared Glass Vases - $19.00-$24.00

53 Days Until Christmas - light up her life

This week's gift theme: Gift ideas for her.

Over the next week I will be presenting to you seven gift ideas for the grandmother, mother, wife, girlfriend, teenage girl or other female (or person with more feminine tastes) on your Christmas list.
Gift idea: Nice candles and candle holders

Makes a good gift for: Mom, Grandma, or even a teenager. A nice candle also makes a good backup gift or hostess gift.

There is probably someone out there who does not like candles, but I have not met that person yet. When the days are short and its cold outside, what is nicer than lighting a few candles while you share a meal or even watch a movie? From big to small, there are candles and candle-holders for every budget and taste.

You could give one or a set of two of these unique hurricane-style candle-holders:

Uncommon Goods Hurricane Candle Holders - $35.00 to $40.00

or a grouping of several smaller votive-size holders with a nice set of candles:

West Elm Colored Glass Candleholders - $10.00 each

There are even some fun candles out there, like these which are shaped like wine corks and can be put in an empty wine bottle:

Uncommon Goods Wine Cork Candles - set of twelve for $24.00

This candle is fun too, with a chalkboard outside, and it even comes with chalk:

Urban Outfitters Chalkboard Candle - $24.00

54 Days Until Christmas - organization with character

Gift idea: Book ends

Makes a good gift for: Anyone who has books!

Anyone who has books (or magazines or anything else roughly book-shaped that might be stored in a bookcase) can use a cute pair of bookends. Bookends are also a nice gift to give someone who works in an office - so they can have a little something with some personality, but also functionality away from home too. From quotation marks to mermaids, here are some unique ones I have found online:

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