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Starting Today: 60 Gift Ideas in 60 Days - warm toes for everyone!

60 Days Until Christmas

Can you believe that Christmas is just 60 days away? Me neither. Yes, its true that I recall seeing Christmas ribbons on display in Michael's back in AUGUST, but now that fall is steadily underway, the leaves are changing colors, and the days are getting shorter and cooler, it does feel like the holidays are coming. But it still surprised me that Christmas is just about two months away. 

Even before I was part of a Christmas business, I have always liked to get a head start on my Christmas shopping. All year-round I keep an eye out for cool gifts that would fit in Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Boxes, but come October I really start looking for things that would be a good fit for the people on my list. I find that it really relieves a lot of stress that can build up around Christmas if you have most of your gifts purchased ahead of time. 

So, in an effort to make Christmas more enjoyable for everyone, I have put together a list of 60 Gift Ideas to help inspire you in your Christmas shopping. Each week, starting with today, I will be posting a series of seven ideas with different themes - gifts suitable for anyone, for her, for him, for the foodie or cook, for the wine lover/entertainer, for the techie, for the whole family, and a week gifts that will fit in Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Boxes (and also are perfect stocking stuffers). For the four days right before Christmas, I will have a couple last minute DIY-type gifts that you should be able to put together with stuff you might have around the house, or with a quick trip  to the grocery store.

Please stay tuned as we count down to Christmas!

This week's gift theme: Gift ideas for ANYbody. 

The gifts that will be coming your way over the next seven days are suitable for anyone on your list - mom or dad, your significant other, teens or kids.

Gift idea: Slippers

Makes a good gift for: Anyone who likes to have warm feet! 

I love slippers. I mean, I LOVE them. It has to be a really warm evening for me to not be wearing my slippers or have my slippers next to the couch. Something about getting home, taking my shoes off and putting my slippers on really says, “I am home” to me. To make a pair of slippers a little more fun, you could pair them with some fun nail polish, or even a gift-certificate for a pedicure. Either of these little slipper-add-ons would fit in a Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Box too!

Here are some nice looking women’s slippers:

UGG® Scuffette Shearling Slippers - $80

Acorn Shearling Mary Jane Slippers - $88

Here are some nice looking men's slippers:

 L.L. Bean is a great place to look for slippers for men, women or children. 

Men's Bean's Wicked Good® Moccasins - $69


Men's Handsewn Slippers, Flannel-Lined - $39.95

The Muppets and John Denver sing the 12 Days of Christmas Carol

It's a little grainy, but here's a fun old rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas Carol by none other than The Muppets and John Denver.

Before you watch -- can you guess which Muppet sings the "5 Gold Rings" line?


If the embedded video doesn't work, you can watch it on Youtube here:

video: muppets sing 12 days of christmas

Holiday Ordering Deadline: December 21st


Another holiday shopping season has flown by and Christmas is approaching fast! To ensure delivery in time for Christmas, you must place your order before noon Pacific Time on December 21st. We will do our best, but orders placed after that time may arrive after December 24th.

Come Visit us at the California Revels

We're very much enjoying meeting all the friendly folks who are attending the California Revels at the Scottish Rite Temple in Oakland this holiday season. We've got a table in the lobby where we're showing off our Twelve Days gift boxes, and giving out cards with fun facts about the Twelve Days. We even have some exclusive discounts for Revelers. So, if you're going to the show, stop by at intermission and say hi!

A grand re-opening: welcome to our new site!

Hi Twelve Days fans! At long last, our new site is live. We underwent this redesign to make the site easier to navigate, faster, and more flexible. Now that this refresh is done, we're looking forward to adding tons of fresh content in the coming days...and throughout 2012. We've got a wealth of information about the 12 Days of Christmas, the associated carol, and more that we can't wait to share.

Also, since we opened for business, we've had a lot of requests for pre-made gift sets for the Twelve Days of Christmas. While we think that choosing the gifts for your recipient is a big part of the fun, we understand that that can be too much work for some people. So, for the first time this year, we're offering complete Twelve Days gift sets, with gifts packed inside. You can browse them in our shop area.

Finally, for those of you who don't want a full set of 12 gift boxes, but who love the design of our silver hanging gift boxes, you can now purchase them a-la-carte too. Happy Holidays!

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