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10 Great Gift Ideas for Women

I think women are a lot easier to shop for, but that probably stems from the fact that I am a woman. Also, as I mentioned in the men's gift ideas post, I think the fact that women will buy pretty things for themselves makes it easier for friends and family to get a sense of what they like, and therefore what to gift them.


Anyway, here is a selection of gifts that I think would make thoughtful, creative presents for any women in your life.

Breakfast in Bed

Who does not like breakfast in bed? If I can have bacon and coffee brought to me in bed, I know its going to be a good day. So why not give a coupon redeemable for breakfast in bed? I think going to bed and knowing that I will get to eat breakfast in bed the next morning would be a great present!


Ice Cream Maker Gift Set

For $99 you can give this great Ice Cream Maker Gift Set from Williams-Sonoma, that comes with everything you need to make some great, homemade ice cream. It sounds like even the culinarily challenged could make ice cream with this maker - and maybe if you are lucky you will get invited over for some!


Magnolia Tree

If you know someone who loves the great outdoors, then this ready-to-plant magnolia tree might make a great gift. For $49 you can get this living magnolia tree, complete with care and planting instructions. Magnolia blossoms smell great, so why not give the gift that keeps on giving? Available from Gumps.



Colorful Alpaca Scarf

This beautiful scarf is made from Alpaca wool, and is hand-made in La Paz Bolivia. A beautiful scarf can be both a fashionable and practical. For $39 from National Geographic, this scarf is really a steal.



Cashmere Tech Gloves

These gloves bring together the best of both worlds - pampering and function! I have yet to meet a woman who does not love cashmere - and what better place to wear such a soft fabric than on your hands? And these gloves don't need to be taken off to use a smartphone or touch-screen. Perfect! All for only $49 from Frontgate.com.


Snuggly Nap Throw Blanket with Foot Pocket

Christmastime is a great time to cuddle up on the couch. Pretty much every time I get on the couch this time of year I reach for one of a couple of blankets that are close by. What makes this blanket so special, other than its softness, is the built in foot-pocket! How genius is that? I hate having cold feet, and love having my feet tucked in - its like this blanket read my mind! Its only $49.99 from Brookstone.


Monogrammed Zipper Pouch

These little monogrammed zipper pouches from Pottery Barn are cute, personalized, and are inexpensive enough at $16 that you might even consider putting another little something (jewelry?) inside.

Craft Class

If you have a lady in your life that likes to craft or bake, then you might consider looking into craft classes offered at local craft stores. The big craft stores around here, like Michael's and Jo-Ann Fabrics offer classes in everything from faux-floral arrangement to cake decorating to basic sewing. Smaller mom-and-pop craft and fabric stores sometimes offer classes too, so why not give the gift of crafting?


Laquer Jewelry Boxes

These fun, bright jewelry boxes from West Elm would make a bright addition to any woman's closet. And at only $24, you might consider putting a little something sparkly inside to add to the surprise!



Chrysanthemum Vase

This vase from Anthropologie is beautiful all on its own - complete with its own flower! I think the colors - aqua and coral - are a nice twist on the standard Christmas colors, and will look great year-round. Since the vase is only $28, maybe you can get a nice bouquet of flowers to go in it?




I hope these gift ideas got your brain going - Christmas is only two weeks away!

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