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26 Days Until Christmas - Wine Tools Everyone Could Use.

Gift idea: Wine accessories 

Makes a good gift for: Foodies, entertainers, wine-lovers

I like wine, and I like gadgets. Here are a couple crossover ideas for the gadget-loving-wine-lover on your Christmas list:

Automatic wine opener: We have friends who have one of these, and it is quite the party trick. I think these things are pretty fancy!

Travel-size aerator: I think this thing is both ridiculous and cool. A travel-sized aerator that comes with a travel case? I can’t imagine busting this out at a restaurant or packing it for a trip, but I can think of at least one person who would. 

Wine tool gift-set: I think this is a really cute wine-tool gift-set, and it comes in a wine-bottle shaped case, to make it easy to store in your wine rack.

27 Days Until Christmas - A Unique Gift for Wine-Lovers

Gift idea: Wine coaster 

Makes a good gift for: Wine lovers, entertainers 

Maybe everyone who comes to dinners at your house is the perfect wine-pourer, but that certainly cannot be said for my house, or for myself. Whenever I pour a glass of wine, I always have to try to catch the bit that dribbles down the outside of the bottle – the same bit that will end up on your dining room table or counter if you don’t catch it. To solve this problem I started putting a small salad plate on the table to set the wine on, but that is really not the classy solution. The classy solution is a wine coaster. Nice restaurants use them, and for about $12.00, you can give the gift of class (and no wine drips on tablecloths) to the wine lover on your Christmas list. 

Basic, Classic (and the one on my dining room table): 

Recycled Windowpane Wine Coaster: 
Uncommon Goods Recycled Windowpane Wine Coaster - $60.00 

Handcrafted Pewter Wine Coaster: 

28 Days Until Christmas - have some cheese with that wine!

The clock is ticking - four more weeks until Christmas!

Gift idea: Cheese board (with built in cheese tools) 

Makes a good gift for: The host or hostess in your life, the cheese-lover in your life

Last year we got a really cute one as a house-warming gift, and I enjoy bringing it out every time we entertain. It is really convenient to have the cheese knives stored right in the board, so you don’t have to go hunting for them. I don’t remember where ours was from, but here are a couple cute ones I found:

Festiva Cheese Board with compartment for four stainless steel cheese-tools (included) - $29.99

Pear-Shaped Cheese Board with compartment for three stainless steel cheese knives and a wine-stopper - $39.99

This deluxe cheese-board set comes with three wooden-handled cheese knives, three porcelain cheese-markers and a wet-erase pen for the cheese-markers - $55.95

29 Days Until Christmas - put all those corks to good use!

Gift idea: Wine cork trivets 

Makes a good gift for: Wine-lovers, entertainers, crafters

I am pretty sure I am not the only wine drinker/crafter out there who can’t stand to throw away wine corks thinking “I will use these for something.” Earlier this year, I actually did use a bunch of saved wine corks to make a corkboard. But I still have more corks, and seem to be drinking the wine faster than I can craft with them. Even if you don’t save every cork, most people will set aside the corks from special bottles of wine as a keepsake. Well, why not put them to use? Here are a couple great sets where you can take corks you already have, and turn them into a trivet for hot pots!

Perpetual Kid -$14.49 

Bed Bath and Beyond -$17.99 

Red Envelope-$19.95 

Red Envelope -$49.95 

30 Days Until Christmas - charming wine charms.

30 days until Christmas already? Believe it or not, in just over five short weeks December 25th will have come and gone - are you getting ready yet? Be sure to check out the earlier countdown to Christmas gift ideas, and to check back on the blog for gift ideas that will fit in Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Boxes

Today's Gift idea: Wine charms 

Makes a good gift for: Wine lovers, entertainers

If you entertain a lot, or just have a couple people over for dinner regularly, wine charms are a must have to keep people from snagging other people’s glasses. Wine charms are certainly not a new idea, but I found a couple cute sets that I think would be a crowd pleaser at any get-together and would make a great gift for a wine lover and/or someone who likes to entertain.

A cute idea for gift giving would be to pair a set of wine charms with a nice bottle of wine, or even some nice wine glasses. Don’t forget that these little charms would easily fit in a Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Box!

Set of twelve felt flower-shaped wine charms in different colors:
Crate and Barrel - $5.95 

Set of 6 rubbery-vinotags that can be written on: 

Vinotags - $10.00 

Set of 10 personalized metal wine charms and 1 wine bottle tag:

Etsy - $32.00

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