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31 Days Until Christmas - a gift anticipating spring time.

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Today's Gift idea: Picnic basket 

Makes a good gift for: The special someone in your life, a couple, foodies or wine-lovers (whats a good picnic without wine?) 

In most parts of the country, Christmas time is not the best time of the year for a picnic, but its always nice to have something to look forward to, like a nice spring picnic. You could give someone just a picnic basket itself, or a basket full of picnic-necessities.

Here is a nice basic picnic basket:

This one is vintage and has a handmade liner:
Etsy - $39.95

This one comes with service for four:
Amazon.com - $79.95

This one is a little fancier, a little bigger and also comes with service for four:
Amazon.com - $89.99
I have always thought these plastic wine-glasses were cool, and they would make a great addition to any picnic basket: 
Amazon.com - set of four for $12.95

32 Days Until Christmas - class up your next gift of wine

This weeks gift theme: gifts for wine-lovers

Gift idea: Leather Wine Carrier 

Makes a good gift for: Foodies, wine-lovers 

Once you become of wine-appreciating age (which, in my opinion, is different from wine-drinking age) a good bottle of wine is always a nice gift – whether it be for someone you know well, or perhaps as a host/ess gift for someone you might not know so well. Of course a bottle of wine does not need a bag or bow, but if you want to make the gift of grapes a little more fancy, why not consider a leather wine carrier like this one:

Red Envelope - $59.95

These carriers are super-swanky looking, and would be a great gift for someone who likes to bring their own wine to dinner or on picnics, or for someone who just appreciates fine leather goods. Either way, I think getting a bottle of wine in one of these leather wine carriers would be a swanky gift for the wine connoisseur (or just wannabe connoisseur) on your Christmas list.

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