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42 Days Until Christmas - bring a little of the bar home for him

6! Count-em: 6 weeks until Christmas!

Gift idea: Wall mounted bottle-opener 

Makes a good gift for: Men, beer-enthusiasts

We have one of these bad boys mounted on the wall in our kitchen, and it really comes in handy. No need to keep track of the bottle-opener when one is mounted right on the wall! Wall mounted bottle openers come in all kinds of styles – some with soda names on them, some are plain, and of course some have beer brands on them, so you can get one that fits the recipients taste:

Etsy - $35.00

Amazon - $14.00

Homebrewers.com has a big selection of different styles, including this make-your-own bottle-opener:

You could pair a wall mounted bottle opener with a selection of nice bottled beers and sodas, or even have it accompany a subscription to a beer-of-the-month-club!

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