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39 Days Until Christmas - spice it up a bit!

Gift idea: Spice sets – magnetic and otherwise 

This week's gift theme: gifts for the cook or foodie in your life.

Makes a good gift for: The foodie or cook in your life

I have had a crush on these spice-sets on Etsy for a long time, but having quite the spice collection myself, I have always wanted to give one of these sets as a gift.

Gneiss Spice on Etsy sells spice-sets, salt-sets and empty sets of bottles so you can make your own. The lids of the bottles are magnetic so you can stick them on your fridge, or you can buy a wall-plate from her to mount your spices right on the wall. I just think they are so cute, and its is such a good gift idea for anyone who likes to cook, or maybe someone who just went away to college or just moved out on their own. The sets range in price based on the size of the set.

Also, if you got a set of twelve spices, you could put one spice in each Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Box!

Spice Sets:

Salt Sets:

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