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Fun, Festive ways to Decorate with Twelve Days Gift Boxes

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the decorations. When it is gloomy and cold outside, its just lovely to have the scent of evergreen in the house, to have lights and candles everywhere, and to see the festive colors of the season throughout the house. I also love to look at my neighbors' lights on their houses as we walk the dog at night.

Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Boxes are a big part of decorating in our house - we love to hang ours on the tree and get to hunt them down, one by one, during each of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Another place you can hang your Twelve Days Boxes is from a fireplace mantel, if you are lucky enough to have one.

Since Twelve Days Boxes are so eye-catching, and usually become the center of attention, why not make them just that: a centerpiece on your holiday table or at a holiday party? They would also look stunning hanging from a chandelier!

The boxes would also look great hanging from fir garlands - say on your interior stair banister, or around a doorway. You could also share the beauty of the boxes with your neighbors by hanging them in your window to glitter in the light of your holiday lights.

In addition to being beautiful decorations, Twelve Days Gift Boxes make great party favor boxes. Last year we gave them to guests who came to our Twelfth Night Party, and we have had boxes ordered for 12-12-12 parties. Don't forget that the boxes can be ordered in sets of twelve as well as individually.

Happy decorating!

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