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24 Days Until Christmas - Fun Gadgets from Santa

Gift idea: Gadget accessories 

Makes a good gift for: Techies

If someone on your Christmas gift is a gadget-geek, chances are they have a handful of accessories for their gadgets. So I dug a little deeper and found some cool gadget accessories that will hopefully be new and impressive for the techie on your list!

For the artist or errant doodler, this stylus and brush for touch screen devices looks really cool and unique: 
Sensu Brush - $39.99

For the iPad lover on your list, this super-sleek iPad stand would look great on a modern desk:
Magnus magnetic iPad stand - $49.95

For the high-impact gadget user, or someone who travels a lot, these Ready Clip USB Mini Cable Kits would make a great gift:
Aviiq Ready Clips - $19.99-$29.99

25 Days Until Christmas - A Jump Start on New Year's Resolutions

This Week's Gift Theme: Gifts for techies/gadget lovers 

Gift idea: Pedometer 

Makes a good gift for: Someone who is into fitness, or looking to get in better shape (new year’s resolutions are just around the corner) and/or someone who likes little techie gadgets

A while ago I read an article about how a sedentary life style is bad for your health, and how sitting at a desk all day, even if you go to the gym or go for a run, is not enough movement to keep you healthy. So I started to wear an old pedometer that had been sitting in the closet for a couple years. It was big and bulky and kept getting caught on things. So I looked in to what new technology was out there, and I found the Fitbit.

I got one of these little guys:
The fitbit One will track your movement, sleep, calories and much more - $99.95

The Zip, also by fitbit, will track your steps, distance and calories - $59.95

The iPod Nano also has a pedometer built in, so you can have some music while you walk: 

Apple iPod Nano - $149.99

All three of these little gadgets will easily fit in a Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Box

Twelve Days of Fun for Everyone

Our Shop features a couple of fun pre-made sets for different tastes and ages, but there are lots of other things you can put in Twelve Days Boxes, and lots of other fun sets you can make for someone on your Christmas list. Here are some other ideas:

Twelve Days of Classic Toys - think of all the fun toys that don't need batteries! Here are some ideas: 
  • Bouncy balls
  • Wind-up toys
  • Small Slinky
  • Tops
  • Small Lego sets
  • Marbles
  • Jacks
  • Small stuffed-animal
  • Hacky-sack
  • Small jigsaw puzzles
  • Small brain-teaser puzzles
  • Finger-puppets
  • Small noise-makers (whistle, harmonica)
Twelve Days of Toys for Boys (or Tomboys, as I once was):
  • Army men
  • Matchbox cars
  • Squishy bugs (like these)
  • Small action figures
  • Parachute men
Twelve Days of Beauty for Girls*:
  • Lip gloss/chapstick (there are lots of cute ones out there now)
  • Small nail polish set (lots of drug stores sell sets of small bottles - you could put a couple bottles in a couple different boxes)
  • Hair clips/ties/headbands
  • Jewelry
  • Compact mirror
  • Candy necklace
*This set could be made more appropriate for a tween, teen or young woman just based on the quality of the gifts chosen!

Twelve Days of Growing for Gardeners:
  • Seeds
  • Seed-bombs
  • Plant-markers (there are tons of cute ones on Etsy, just make sure based on their measurements that they will fit in the box)
  • Nice hand-soap and/or lotion (or a lotion bar)
  • Nail scrub-brush 
  • An I.O.U. for some time weeding in the garden!
Twelve Days for the Fisherman/Outdoorsy Person:
  • A fishing license
  • Fishing lures
  • An I.O.U. for some bait (no one wants worms in their Twelve Days Boxes!)
  • A planned itinerary for a day on the lake or the river
  • Waterproof matches
  • Sunglasses-cord
  • Small flashlight
  • Hand-warmers
Twelve Days for the Tech-lover:
  • Phone back-up charger
  • Phone accessories - there are tons and tons of these out there depending on the phone and the recipient
  • Giftcard for phone applications
  • Phone or MP3-player mini-speaker
  • Headphones
Twelve Days of Fun for the Office:
  • Fun pushpins
  • Paperclips in fun shapes
  • Erasers in all sizes and shapes
  • Cute sticky-notes
Twelve Days for the Kitchen:
  • Beer-stoppers
  • Wine-stoppers
  • Beer/wine markers/tags
  • Small salt and pepper shakers
  • Small sets of spices/salts/peppers

And don't forget to look back at these blog posts for other ideas on gifts that will fit in Twelve Days Boxes!

Twelve Days is also on Pinterest, where we have lots of boards with Twelve Days gift ideas.

Twelve Days Gift Ideas for Specialty-Interests

In addition to kids and adults, there are lots of other speciality-type ideas. Here are a couple ideas for babies (or, probably more-so for parents of new babies), foodies/wine lovers and technology lovers:


- Pacifiers
- Socks 
- Rattles 
- Wash cloths 
- Bath toys 
- Bibs 
- “Babies first” ornament 

Food/wine Related:

- Salt cellar
- Salt and Pepper shakers 
- Wine stopper/wine spout 
- Wine-glass markers (check out this blog post)
- Fancy salt, pepper or spices (check out this blog post)
- Tea-ball or tea bags

Technology Ideas:

- iPod nano 
- Earbud-type headphones 
- iPhone/iPod speakers
- USB storage devices

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